Each month, we spotlight a local business or business person.  We have them fill out a fun profile form, presenting information that may otherwise not be known, and place it and their picture on our webpage.  We also place their name and a link to the profile on our home page. Their image and a link to the profile are also sent out in our monthly newsletter to hundreds of recipients as well as placed on our Facebook page.

To be featured, we need a picture (in .jpg format) and the profile form filled out.

Please download the profile form (located to the right), fill it out and return it to tbkane@glastonburylaw.com, along with the picture you would like to use.

Each month we will update the profile to promote.  We will do it on a first come-first served basis.

If you have questions, please contact tbkane@glastonburylaw.com.

Estate Planning Attorney Glastonbury CT

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