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Divorce is hard.  You are moving on from a person who was once a major part of your life. In addition to that, you must split time with your kids, divide your property and, in many cases, take on more bills to run a separate household. Let us help you.

Our cutting-edge and progressive firm is always looking towards the future in family law. We apply this forward-thinking perspective to your case. Our lawyers truly listen to you and engage you in the process, so you can determine your needs and objectives, and we can understand them. Drawing from our insight and experience, as your lawyers, we  consider your immediate goals and anticipate factors that might arise in your life many years from now. We develop a strategy designed to put you in the best position possible today and in the future.

Uncontested Divorce

Divorce need not be an extended, contentious courtroom affair. If you and your spouse agree to all terms, you may be eligible for an uncontested case. You do have to appear in court, but usually only once, to make sure the settlement agreement is clear, and then the judge signs an order that incorporates your settlement provisions. An uncontested case essentially means you agree on everything, including child support, child custody arrangements, spousal support and property and debt division.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce does not mean you contest the actual divorce, but rather the terms. The process is more complex if you and your spouse do not agree on all the terms pertaining to property and debt division, spousal support, child support and child custody.

A limited contested divorce is one in which only the property settlement is in disagreement.  A fully contested divorce is one in which the custody of the children is not agreed upon.

You and your spouse may ultimately be able to reach an agreement through mediation. In fact, most cases settle before trial. Although our experienced lawyers do all we can to avoid a costly, time-consuming trial, we are prepared to litigate your case in court if necessary to protect your rights.

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