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Business and Corporate Law

Some Lawyers just form a corporation, send a bill and walk away.  Not us.  We are actively involved in business entity creation and maintenance. We focus on preparing our clients for successful business ventures from the beginning, by discussing, drafting, and executing sound formation documents and operational agreements. We work with both companies and individuals in forming Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Partnerships to help our clients achieve their goals.

Beyond just the formation or organization documents, we will work together with the members or shareholders of the business to develop, draft and implement operating agreements, buy-sell agreements and other enterprise documents that help to ensure both the day to day success and long term success of a company.

 Over our more than 35 years in practice in Glastonbury, we have worked hard to develop and maintain long term business relationships with our clients.  We advise them throughout both their corporate and personal lives, about such matters as commercial real estate, leasing, and buying or selling a property.  We also assist them in acquisitions, financing and selling business assets and property.

As part of our practice, we have formed relationships with other Hartford County Attorneys in more specialized areas of practice, such as Intellectual Property, Insurance Litigation and Employment law.  If your issues cross into those areas, rest assured we have the experience to recognize the problems and the relationships to bring in the help you need.

In addition to relationships with other attorneys, we have also developed relationships with related services, such as accountants, document destruction, tradesmen and equipment suppliers.  Whether you are an established business or a start-up, we can introduce you to the people that may make your business run stronger or leaner.

If and when the parties wish to terminate the relationship we have extensive experience in overseeing a voluntary breakup of the relationship in which the parties divide the assets of the company, the customer base, service area and yet continue operating.

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