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How to Get Your Money Back

Not Buying the House? How To Terminate a Real Estate Contract So you found the home of your dreams.  It has everything you wanted and more.  But for some reason circumstances change and the Buyer needs out.  So, how does the buyer terminate the contract, and get their...

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Intestate with Property

Winding up an estate is a difficult task, one that can take a toll on the decedent’s family and loved ones. This process, however, is infinitely more challenging when the person dies intestate (without a will). Real property is particularly difficult to distribute...

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Info, Security and Lawyers

Q: What protection does a Lender or a consumer have if they wire funds to an lawyers IOLTA (trust) account for a closing and someone hacks in and takes the money?   A: Well, that all depends on where and how the hacker got in. There are brute force hacks,...

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Your Will and You. The End.

Before you read this, make sure you've already read my previous post about the basics of will writing. How to Write a Will, Part 3: The DIY Approach Sure, you can turn your computer on and write a will on your own, completely from scratch. However, if you want a...

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Will Writing and You, Part 2

How To Write A Will, Part 2: The Writing Process My previous post showed you how to plan ahead for writing your will. Here I will describe more specifically how to translate your plan into a legal document. Name the important people involved in your estate. The very...

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Children and the Court

20 years ago, I represented my first client in Juvenile Court.  She was an alcoholic who was not meeting the needs of her child.  After a year of helping her in the legal system, helping her attempt sobriety, and helping her find programs to support her, she was no...

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