Married people have their spouse.  Single people don’t.  This affects planning, tax consequences, medical treatment authorization, and end of life decisions.  Here are the four documents that every single Single person should have.

    1. Power of attorney. It allows someone to act on your behalf if you are unable to do so. You want to have someone you trust.

    2. Health care power of attorney. This allows you to have someone make health care decisions if you are unable to.

    3. Living will. A Living Will states your wishes regarding life support in the event that you cannot express your end-of-life wishes on your own.  Do you want CPR, a feeding tube, and/or to be put on a ventilator?  Your Living Will helps others make those decisions when you can’t.

    4. Will. A Will is an important component of your Estate Plan. It sets out your intentions and beneficiaries, allowing your wishes to be followed after your death.

Thomas Babson Kane is an attorney in Glastonbury, CT, specializing in Estate Planning and Real Estate law.

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