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For more than 35 years the real estate and estate planning lawyers at Kane, Hartley & Kane have been helping people buy and sell real estate and, through estate planning, provide for their families needs.

With a focus on the client experience and the level of service provided, instead of on profits and fees, we have earned the trust of generations.

We consistently receive referrals from client’s parents, friends, children and family.  As multi-generational lawyers, one of our greatest accomplishments is earning the trust of, and representing multiple generations of the same family.

We’re different in a good way.

Give us a call today, and experience what makes our lawyers different from other lawyers.



I was very nervous buying my new home by myself. My husband had usually handled the financial aspects of our large purchases, and now I found myself a widow buying a home on my own. Tom Kane was so warm and friendly he immediately put me at ease. He carefully went through the voluminous paperwork with me, and made sure I understood everything I was signing.  The follow up from the office personal at Attorney Kane’s office was exemplary. I was contacted promptly, pleasantly, and informed of every step. I feel they went above and beyond the usual customer service expectations. I highly recommend the services of Kane, Hartley, & Kane.



We used Kane, Hartley & Kane, PC at the recommendation of our realtor, and we couldn’t have been happier. Tom was fantastic. He took his time to explain all of the paperwork to us, what everything meant, and did well to set us at ease while closing on our first house. His sense of humor was great, and it was refreshing to work with someone who can keep the mood light and fun.

I can’t imagine buying our first house without him.

Jeffrey C.


Working with KHK has been a pleasure and would absolutely recommend their services. I was referred by a co-worker several years back who grew up here locally in town. I closed on a purchase of my home back in 2008, and just recently on a refinance. I’ve worked personally with Tom Jr., and found him to be personable and informative. It is ‘good old-fashioned’ one-on-one service, all the while knowing that you have a very knowledgeable lawyer on your side.

Paul C.


Fantastic customer service! I chose this attorney from a list provided to me from our bank based on the very sincere and knowledgable write up on their website. The process was smooth, calls were returned promptly, and Tom jr really made the entire process easy and fun ( if you can believe that!). Hire them. You won’t be disappointed.

Robyn M.


Working with Tom during the process of buying our first home was a true pleasure. From the start, he was approachable, relatable and always available to us. He was patient and explained everything to us that we were signing in a way that was easily understood. We would highly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for an attorney.

Amanda A.


We had a very hard time closing on our house as our mortgage company couldn’t make the timeframe and we ended up having to go cash. Tom Kane Sr. was great to work with and made himself available last minute to ensure we could close on time.Tom treated us like a member of his family and gave us very professional advice on the entire circumstance. Months later we went through another mortgage company and worked with Tom Kane Jr. who was also as helpful. I highly recommend using these attorneys.

Ben L.


Why Estate Planning and Real Estate?

Real Estate and Estate Planning are a natural fit.

When we opened in Glastonbury, and we focused on Real Estate and Estate Planning, it wasn’t by accident.  For most people, their homes are their largest investment, and planning for their family is their largest worry.  Most work for years to afford a home, and spend long hours maintaining it.  We have the experience and knowledge to help you acquire it, finance it and protect it. Throughout the process, we work with you to make sure your goals are achieved and your interests are protected.

Once purchased, many spend long hours wondering what happens to it, and everything else, if they should pass away.  With decades of experience, we are able to understand your worries and fears, guide you through the process and help you to decision points.  Once there, we can create the plan, and ease the worries.

By focusing on those two areas of law, we can help remove some of your fear and worry.  So you can get on with the more important things in life.

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Thomas B. Kane

Thomas B. Kane


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Richard H. Hartley, III


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